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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Oh how the memories came flooding back to me as we prepared to welcome our 2nd baby girl to the world.. We felt so blessed and we're over joyed with another girl.. Through the joy and excitement memories of me and my sister came flooding back... If you grew up with a sister (younger-older) you know where I am going with this.. Lindsey and I fought worse than boys!! We were at each other 24/7... We were so mean one another and although I looked up to her that did not keep my feisty girl attitude at bay.. I will throw this out there 5 years between kids is TOO LONG! Her and I were 4 and Kay and Kenz are 5 and its rough... Even with a 5 yr difference those two are at it every second they are around one another, but still say their good nights and I love yous. Even when we drop Kay at school there isn't a morning they don't exchange I love you.. It melts my heart.. Kenz looks up to her sister and it reminds me so much of me as a wee one.. I wanted to hang out with my sister and her friends, I wanted to wear makeup, I idolized her and Kenz is the same way.. I have to remind Kay that everything she does, says, acts, is being absorbed my her little sister. We tell Kay that she has to be the bigger one and set examples for her to follow... Kay is almost 8 and is driven nuts by her little sister all while loving her at the same time.. I explain to Kay that I was that the pest at one time and I drove my sister nuts but remind her how blessed she is to have a sister cause ONE day she will look back and appreciate having a sister.
Having a sister is having a true best friend.. Linds and I can talk for hours... I have missed our relationship these last few years as we let things come between us but our Awesome God got us past these humps in the road and regardless of what ever down fall comes our way I know her and I are sisters and our love will never change, and the what ever disagreement it was to cause the down fall will be thrown in the past and as friends sometimes seem to hold grudges a sister will not.. 
Lindsey is 4 yrs older than I am and no kids.. She loves to call and chat with the girls.. They get so excited to talk to their Aunty Lindsey and its so cute..... Last time me and Linds saw one another was a;most 4 yrs in April, at my mothers funeral. I have missed her to no end and she is coming out MARCH 1!!!!!!!!  I am so excited... Sisters are your other half.. your guardian angels, and as we start off in life fighting and not being the best of friends, remember as we grow into adults the bond you have with your sister is everlasting and something to cherish....... 
Just a little EXCITEMENT and teaching my girls that one day they will be best friends and to never stop loving one another unconditionally .... 

On a side note ... Justin's cousin is having a baby boy and I am so excited to spoil him...Rochelle and Ryan are due any day with a sweet baby boy ... all these babes !!!!!!!!!!! I spoiled baby Turri and ready to start spoiling baby March.... 

Much Love, 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I have been such a slacker... Last I posted was in November and here we are already in FEBRUARY!!! We had a wonderful holiday season ... Christmas was so blissful. I adore and feel so blessed having children of my own to capture these memories such as their faces on Christmas morning... I have quite a story for Kayleigh and Kenzie when they get older ... Kayleigh came in our room on Christmas morning and was so excited.. She had already gone through her stocking and well obviously her sisters too. As she started to announce what santa had put in her stocking I had to stop my self from laughing as I had pulled this stunt with my very own sister when I was younger.. She had switched several items in the stockings.... I finally said oh dear maybe santa was in such a rush and you should share some with sissy.... Kids ... We had a wonderful day and feel so blessed to have such an amazing family to celebrate with.. New YEARS... This was the first New Years in years I made it till 12... We did not do much but it was a lovely evening in and safer to stay in then to be out and about.... SO sorry for the delay but Happy 2012... We have done some major remodeling and what a difference it makes on a house...  Hard work but it pays off in the end.. We still have our room and bathroom... Oh and laundry room ... Thanks to my new addiction PINTEREST I have several ideas for the laundry room ..:) The Kids are growing and changing by the minute... Kay and I have finally started to regain a relationship.. She will pull her attitude but seems to always come and apologize.. Hey it's a step  in the right direction.. She is finally taking responsibility for her actions when before she would just blow them off and we'd just keep plowing through our day/night... Kenz is wanting to go to sleep IN HER BED... WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has always laid with me while Justin took a shower and I would put her to sleep... She is speaking in full blown sentences... Hannah is 6 months and into EVERYTHING.. Most days I feel like she is my 3rd child... Cute as can be but she is exhausting to say the least... Today was Valentines day and we have never been ones to celebrate much but we still leave little notes and what not... I took Kenz to Build a Bear and it was her first time.. She was having a blast and made a sweet monkey ... I made Kay a Hello Kitty necklace and she got a dvd and a sweet bear from dad... Time is flying and I am so ready to get into Spring and start exercising and gardening and just being out doors... I can wait for the girls turning 8 and 3..... My sister is coming out at the end of March and I am so darn excited... The girls can't wait either... Justins cousin is due with her first baby in July and I am so EXCITED.. Another baby to the family.. She finds out the 22 what she will be having and I can't wait... I have been buying BOY stuff for a friend Rochelle and Ryan who are due with a sweet baby boy beginning of March and I have had a blast with all the boy stuff.. I know all you who have boys wish you could buy girl stuff but us with girls feel the same... Babies everywhere..... I have some pictures but I am off to bed tonight.. I will update the last few months with pictures tomorrow..